Who uses ratings?

Service Buyers

Buyers, especially CTOs or CIOs, of datacenter services especially Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) often use ratings during their purchase decisions or while reviewing their purchase strategies.

They use ratings to gain a second opinion compared to their own experience which will reflect the situation on a broader base than the own experience.

Ratings also are used by PURCHASE MANAGERS to speed up the selection during purchase processes. Using rating allows to immediately jump into the short-list phase.


Intermediaries such as CONSULTANTS will use the rating to benchmark relative service performance or quality for their decision support models.

BROKERS seek to find comparable quality to exchange services or even optimize price-quality ratios. Ratings are the tool of choice as they guarantee detailed insight and simple comparability.

Service Providers

SERVICE PROVIDERS themselves receive an independent view of their strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats of their offering and appearance to customers or third parties.

They will learn to position and communicate the relative quality of their service offering not only against the Hyperscalers but also within their real peer group. The transparency on real competition helps to focus investment and sharpen the own positioning.

SERVICE PROVIDERS also use ratings to improve their position in financial rating and decreasing costs of financing.

Financial Institutions

INSURANCES use rating information to price loss of profit insurances that either provider or buyer might want to sign. Good ratings will decrease the expenses for such insurance policies.

BANKS use ratings to better understand the risk associated with lending to a service provider.


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