Manage your account

Manage account is the central point for managing your personal data, your invoices and your messages. Access it by pressing the character icon top right of the screen.

The information is broken down into TABS:

GENERAL - Verify or change the data you provided on registering the account. To save changes, press "save Profile".

You will also be able to activate or deactivate the icons leading into  how-to articles on the HOME screen. In any case all knowledge base articles are still accessible through discover. To save the changes, press "save Profile".


ACCESS - You may reset your password by typing the old password once and the new password twice for verification.

Passwords with 8 to 25 characters are possible. A valid password contains at least one number and at least one of the following special characters: !@#$%^&*()_-=+`"´;:[]{}\ / ?<>.,

Press "update Password" to finalize the change.

On ACCESS you can also activate or delete tokens and generate new ones, simply by pressing the according buttons.


PRIVACY - Here you can request a copy of your personal data by simply pressing the according button. This generates a short message indicating the next steps. Press OK to proceed.

Copy the link generated, paste it into a new tab of your Internet Browser. This will trigger the download of a zip-file.

On extracting and opening the file, you will find it holds two txt-files. The file "user_data" contains the credentials you submitted on registering while the "logs.txt" will hold a protocol of all your activities on the platform.


CREDITS - see your credit total. All on the earning and spending of ASCAMSO credits you find here.


POSTBOX - The postbox allows ASCAMSO to provide messages on important events like scheduled downtimes or completion of maintenance of the platform. Downtimes will be kept low, however, we will always inform you.

The Postbox consists of an Inbox and an Archive. The number of unread messages is shown in top menu on the right and again in your inbox.  The Inbox will hold all new messages plus all recent messages you have not deleted by pressing the trashcan icon on the right side of each row.

Once deleted, messages will show in the Archive.


The TABs SERVICES & BILLING will be soon be present


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