How to create a new satellite?

Satellites are the instruments for our technical analysis. Currently satellites are provided as java routines. They can be executed on any target system and will perform tests on CPU, IO or network performance. the results can be seen in the ASCAMSO portal. 

We provide the satellites to our customers so that you can verify our assessments by yourself or even use our infrastructure to perform your own analysis. These tools also may be used to migrate your existing on-premise solutions into the cloud. For more information on this, see the article Cloud migration made easy using ASCAMSO.

Creation of a satellite is fairly simple:

  1. Select "Create satellite" from the upper left corner in your HOME screen or choose the "+" symbol next to the "Search satellite" in the ASSESS screen.
  2. In the upcoming popup window insert a name for your satellite and press the "Create" button.
  3. You are done. The new satellite appears in the "Inactive satellites" list on the ACCESS screen.

PLEASE NOTE: To execute any tests with the satellite, you must download and install the satellite on the target system first. See How to install a satellite for more information.  

Alternatively it is also possible to create a satellite from outside the platform using the Command line API. Therefore you will require a remote access token, which can be obtained in the ACCOUNT-section. Assuming you already have that token, change to the command line of the target system and enter the following command:

sh ./ -T 10316fe3-3d7a-45ec-922c-29886e3e2d41 -n S1 -t '["Amazon","i2"] start


-T(--token) - your security token, here 10316fe3-3d7a-45ec-922c-29886e3e2d41

-n(--name) - Satellite name, here S1

-t(--tags) - Tags, here "Amazon" and "i2"

Tags are optional and can be added or removed anytime. They are useful as you may use them to identify one or many satellites of a specific group, i.e. provider,  system or application type. 


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