How to register an account

There are two ways to register with ASCAMSO. The standard way is to register from our website. The first time you go there, you will be logged in as a visitor automatically. However, you are still required to set up your own account. Therefor you

  1. click on the person icon  on top of the page to open the registration dialogue.

  2. If you are a cloud provider yourself, please select "cloud provider"

  3. Complete the requested information or register using your LinkedIn or Xing credentials. Clicking one of the buttons,  you will be presented a login screen of the corresponding network to grant ASCAMSO the right to access the following credentials:   
    • Your name
    • Your Company
    • Your eMail
    • Your address (for invoicing)

  4. Please choose a password. It should have 8 to 25 characters including at least one number and at least one of the following special characters:
    !@#$%^&*()_-=+`"´;:[]{}\ / ?<>.,

    Please note: during registration the email-address provided will be verified. Ensure you have access to the corresponding mailbox.

  5. by clicking on the verification link in the verification e-mail you will
    - finalize the registration process
    - activate the account
    - be directed back to the login page


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