How to compare prices

ASCAMSO is an independent rating service that constantly monitors the cloud market globally. We built tools to simplify the cloud purchasing process by creating transparency. The ASCAMSO tariff comparison allows you to specify a broker request and match it against our unique cloud tariff database. It is managed from the COMPARE Tab.



Creating and storing broker requests

On the left you see the list of broker requests once you defined them.

Start by creating a new broker request.  Hit "+" to create new broker request. Name your broker request, add a description, hit 'create".

The form opens on the right side of the screen.

First set some general conditions:

- select the currency to be displayed

- apply a purchase policy you specified and stored earlier in the MATCH-step. It will be integrated in your broker request. Klick inside 'Apply purchase policy' to see the list of policies stored and select from it.

- set allowed DC locations by country or continent. Note that the location filter will be applied in addition to a purchase policy you might have chosen.

- set allowed providers. Note that the provider filter will be applied in addition to a purchase policy you might have chosen.

 Now specify the items and services to be purchased.  


Adding the virtual resources

Configure the instances you would like to query about. 

There is already a server that you can name and specify by cores, RAM and OS.

Instead you could define a target capacity in ASC. This could be a value you measured in your current environment and want to achieve in your new setting without worrying on the right number of cores.   

Add resources as storage, traffic or network until your server is complete. Your settings will be stored in your broker request for future reference. 

See results of your broker request

Press the "play" button to see the shortlist of tariffs. Navigate back to the request with the chevrons on top of the ist.

The shortlist is sorted by price per hour starting with the lowest tariff.

Details of the offer are displayed in each entry.


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