How to ensure longterm cost optimization?

With ASCAMSO you have the opportunity to observe the changes and the utilization of your VMs. Using our satellites, it is simple to monitor the capacity consumption of your VMs. You will be able to identify machines idling around and isolate those, really under fire. 

With the result of this analysis you can evaluate the capacity purchased and see the utilization. Based on the resulting delta it is simple to seize the systems accordingly and receive suggestions for alternatives as well as compare the pricing. But let's start step by step:

  1. Determine which systems you want to monitor.
  2. If there is more than one, you may want to create a scenario (see Create Scenario) to manage them alltogether (recommended)
  3. For each of the systems to monitor create a satellite (see Create satellites)
  4. Rollout the satellites and ensure they are connected. Connected satellites will appear in the "Active satellites" list on the ASSESS scren
  5. If you have choosen to mange your satellites using a sceanrio, you may start all at once by clicking the "play" button behind the scenario name. Alterntaively you can start the monitoring scenarios one by one which have been created together with the satellite creation.
  6. Depending on the usage sceanrio of the application you may want to let the sceanrios run for an hour, a day or a week. You can choose the time the scenario shall run upon start.
  7. At any time after starting the scenario(s) you may watch the utilization pattern and derive the ASCs provided by the partcular system.
  8. Depending on utilization and ASC information you will determine from the monitroing you can choose alternative tariffs using the COMPARE functions.

If you require support in interpreting the monitored data, the ASCAMSO support team may assist. 

Has it ever been so simple to save expenses? 



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