How to find rating information?


ASCAMSO is an independent rating service that constantly monitors the cloud market globally. You find extensive information on offers and tariffs on our website, but our rating additionally covers the capabilities of the cloud providers themselves, putting cost and performance into relation.

You benefit from our research by using the ASCAMSO provider rating. Query our database to precisely define your purchase policy and see the providers that match it. 

The ASCAMSO Provider rating is managed from the MATCH Tab

This is how it works:

The selection of suitable providers is done by creating a purchase policy that contains all relevant criteria. Purchase policies are stored and can be reused for future queries.

To create or select a purchasing policy, use the navigation bar on the left. The main window on the right will show details of the corresponding policies. 


        Navigation                                  scenario details, option & analysis 


Creating and storing purchase policies

To create a purchase policy, hit 'plus' in the navigation bar on the left.

Please enter a name and description into the appearing popup window, then hit 'create'.

Your new policy template opens as an empty form with the name you just set on top. 

The name is listet in the NAV bar on the left as well. 

Now please specify your policy:

The ASCAMSO Provider rating and ASCAMSO Provider reports

The ASCAMSO provider-rating is calculated from weighed criteria in relevant areas of a providers business like technical capabilities, technical performance, and service performance.The rating is displayed as a number of blades where 5 blades are the highest score achievable. A definition of each score is given right besides the image.

Use the slider below the blades to filter out providers below a certain scoring.

Please keep in mind that ASCAMSO offers detailed provider reports that deep dive into the capabilities of cloud providers and allow to choose the best partner for your cloud presence. To purchase a report, click on the button "Request report" in the listing you are about to generate.

Allowed DC location

start typing to see suggestions, add counties or continent where you want your datacenter to be. Leave empty to see all locations.

Allowed providers

start typing to see suggestions, add cloud provider names for filtering or leave empty to possibly see all.

Use case

Depending on purpose and application the requirements towards a cloud service offering differ significantly. To ease your search we The same application may require different SLAs and Security depending whether the cloud service is used for test or production

Select from a list of predefined usecases and add, removeor adjust requirements as desired.

Detailed requirements

specify the requirements for your shortlist of providers. 

Fully collapsed, the Criteria Browser shows the main areas of rating:

  • Restainability of the provider
  • Service Performance of the provider
  • Technical Capabilities of the provider

Each area has subsections that may be drilled down further depending on your requirements.

Squared brackets allow to drill down further while a '+' indicates a requirement that can be added to your list.

Every requirement selected will add a line to your list with a mandatory value field next to it that allows to include, exclude or add a value.

The number of remaining results is recalculated as you change requirements, helping you to finetune your policy.

Hit the play-button top left to see the shortlist of providers.

The shortlist of providers

The list of providers meeting your requirements are sorted by descending ASCAMSO Rating.

For more details, request a detailed report or contact our analysts. We are happy to receive your feedback.



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